"Overpowered manga" refers to manga series or stories that feature characters who are exceptionally powerful, often to the point of being unstoppable or invincible within the context of the story. These characters, commonly referred to as "overpowered" or "OP," possess abilities, skills, or strengths that far exceed those of other characters in the series. Overpowered manga often focus on the exploits and adventures of these supremely powerful characters as they navigate their worlds, overcome challenges, and face adversaries. These characters may possess superhuman strength, speed, intelligence, magical abilities, or other extraordinary powers that make them nearly unbeatable in combat or other endeavors. The genre of overpowered manga can span various themes and genres, including action, fantasy, science fiction, adventure, and more. Examples of overpowered manga include "One Punch Man" by ONE and Yusuke Murata, where the protagonist Saitama defeats any opponent with a single punch, and "The Irregular at Magic High School" by Tsutomu Satou, where the main character Tatsuya Shiba possesses immense magical abilities that make him a formidable force in his world. Read thousands of manga in the Overpowered genre at FreemangaTop website.