"Possessive manga" typically refers to manga series or stories that involve possessive or obsessive relationships between characters. In these manga, one character often exhibits intense attachment, jealousy, or control over another character, leading to dramatic or tumultuous interactions. Possessive manga may explore themes such as love, desire, obsession, and manipulation. They often delve into the psychological aspects of possessiveness and the impact it can have on individuals and relationships. These manga may be categorized within various genres, including romance, drama, psychological thriller, and supernatural. It's important to note that possessive manga may contain elements of toxicity or unhealthy relationships, and readers should approach them with caution. While they can be entertaining or thought-provoking, it's essential to differentiate between fictional portrayals and healthy relationship dynamics in real life. Examples of possessive manga include "Kimi wa Pet" by Yayoi Ogawa, which follows the relationship between a woman and her younger male "pet," and "Lore Olympus" by Rachel Smythe, a webtoon retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth with modern twists and possessive themes. Read thousands of manga in the Possessive genre at FreemangaTop website.