Reverse harem

"Reverse harem manga" refers to manga series or stories that feature a female protagonist who is surrounded by multiple male characters romantically interested in her. In a reverse harem, the dynamic contrasts with the traditional harem genre, where a male protagonist is typically surrounded by multiple female characters. In reverse harem manga, the female protagonist may find herself in various situations where she interacts with and forms relationships with the male characters. These relationships can range from friendships to romantic entanglements, creating tension, drama, and comedy as the characters navigate their feelings and interactions. Reverse harem manga often cater to a predominantly female audience and are popular within the romance genre. They may include elements of comedy, drama, fantasy, and supernatural, offering a range of romantic scenarios and character dynamics for readers to enjoy. Examples of reverse harem manga include "Ouran High School Host Club" by Bisco Hatori, where a female student becomes involved with a group of male hosts at her school's host club, and "Fruits Basket" by Natsuki Takaya, which follows a girl living with a family cursed to transform into animals of the Chinese zodiac. Read thousands of manga in the Reverse harem genre at FreemangaTop website.