Slice of Life

Top 2 Best Slice of Life manga of all time? Where to read manga online for free?

What is manga?

Manga is a distinctive genre of comic books originating from Japan, with a long and influential history that extends globally. It encompasses various genres suitable for diverse age groups and genders. Manga includes both narrative comics and satirical illustrations, originating from Japan. Typically rendered in black and white, there are also colored manga. Readers can explore manga in magazines or published books.

What is Slice of Life manga?

Slice of Life manga is a genre of Japanese comic books or graphic novels that focuses on depicting the everyday lives and experiences of characters in a realistic and relatable manner. The term "slice of life" refers to stories that capture ordinary, day-to-day moments, often without a central plot or overarching narrative. Instead, the genre aims to provide a glimpse into the mundane aspects of life and explores the emotions, relationships, and experiences of the characters.

Top 2 Best Slice of Life manga of all time?

1. Lookism


Park Hyung Suk, overweight and unattractive, is bullied and abused on a daily basis. But a miracle is about to happen.


Action, Comedy, Drama, Manhwa, Romance, School Life, Seinen, Slice of Life, Supernatural, Webtoons

2. A Returner’s Magic Should be Special


Now that I’m back, I won’t allow my loved ones to die again!” The Shadow Labyrinth – the deadliest catastrophe humanity has ever known. Desir Arman, one of the six remaining survivors of mankind, is inside the Labyrinth. The six of them attempt to clear the final level of the Labyrinth but ultimately fail, and the world comes to an end. However, when Desir thought he would meet his demise, what appears before him is the world… thirteen years ago?! Desir is returned to the past, back to the time when he enrolled at the nation’s finest magic academy, Havrion. He is reunited with his precious friends, and he is determined to change the past to save the world and his loved ones…! Three years remain before the emergence of the Shadow World! Change the past and gather powerful comrades to save mankind!


Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, List Adventure Manga Genres, Manhua, Manhwa, Martial Arts,

Where to read the best Slice of Life manga?

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